The 8 Differences



We started over and redesigned everything from the circuit board up to make the highest quality and most color consistent LED tape light in the world. Check out what we did: 


Inspire NanoSKN V4 LED Tape Light uses a high-quality 4-Pin connection system that holds securely and is reversible for easy installation.

-Zeus Connector is high amperage, top locking and secure. Patent # 9,531,121

-No soldering system saves installation time

-Reversible low profile Connector ensures fool-proof easy installation


Every piece of Inspire V4 NanoSKN LED Tape Light is coated with a thin Polyurethane coating which is durable, completely flexible and never hardens like cheaper coatings.

-Worlds First coated, cuttable and re-connectable tape-light on the market

-No Color or lumen difference between coated and un-coated V4 products

-Long-Lasting and flexible

-Damp rated

-Does Not turn yellow like cheaper coatings

-Most durable LED tape light coating available


Inspire LED Tape Light uses the strongest red-backing 3M VHB (Very High Bond) tape adhesive which holds up under harsh conditions. This is the same grade adhesive used to secure automotive trim.

-Uses the strongest 3M VHB (Very High Bond) tape adhesive to ensure a permanent installation


Inspire V4 LED Tape Light undergoes the strictest quality control standards which allows us to achieve a color consistency we refer to as ECT: Exact Color Technology. Whether you are lighting up 10 feet or a 1,000 feet, Inspire LED Tape Light will be beautifully color consistent. You can order more at a later time and be confident it will match!

-Every LED goes through our unique Exact Color Technology process for consistency from LED to LED, foot to foot and batch to batch

-Ensures a beautiful look every time

-94+ CRI

-Tight color tolerance of less than 1.5 McAdam’s ellipsis


In lighting design, a room looks best when all the lighting is color consistent. We have a range of colors that are designed to match specific types of existing lighting. Candlelight 1800K perfect for warm intimate lighting, Campfire warm 2100 matches halogen 5W linear systems, Whiskey warm 2700K matches incandescent lighting, warm 3000K matches halogen lighting, warm 3500K matches commercial fluorescent lighting and daylight 4000K matches fluorescent lighting. We also have color-changing RGB which can achieve up to 16.7 million colors.

-A perfect color option for every application


When we redesigned LED tape light we made sure that the circuitry specifically supported flawless dimming within a variety of lighting systems. Seriously, there is not another LED tape light that dims flicker-free like our Inspire V4 LED tape light.

-Beautiful dimming all the way down to 0% with DMX

-Highly compatible with the widest variety of lighting systems


Don’t let the technical aspect of LED technology hold you back. Our fully staffed design and support department is eager and ready to help! Let us help lay out your job and answer any questions about your lighting projects, ideas and designs by talking to a real person.

-No fear using LED tape light because we help you with everything

-Confidence that your project will look amazing because our design experts will put together a beautiful and technically accurate custom plan for your unique project… all for Free!


Many of our distributors across the United States stock our products, but even if you have to order directly from us we ship fast and keep our products in stock. Our warehouse receives and ships orders within 2 business days and many orders ship out the same day.

-All orders ship from our warehouse in a standard 2 business days, so that you can meet your demanding project deadlines.

-99% product availability so we always have what you need in stock