Frequently Asked Questions



IS THE INSPIRE SERIES UL CERTIFIED? Yes, our PolyElite, and Inspire V4 NanoSKN, Nude and Outdoor tape light is UL listed. CLICK HERE and search our UL listing E467147.

CAN THE LED TAPE LIGHT BEND? Inspire LED Tape Light easily bends up and down. It does not bend side-to-side. There are several techniques we use to get around this limitation. Use a small extension cable between each foot of tape light (#EXT-4IN), or the tape light can endure a slight bend side-to-side to fit into a radius curve of 5′ or larger.

IS INSPIRE LED TAPE LIGHT CUTTABLE ?  Yes, however there are a few differences:

 – V2 PolyElite Tape Light: You may cut the tape light with a pair of scissors, however once you cut the tape light you are not able to attach anything to the cut end. If this is a limitation on a project you’re working on, please contact our Design Department for several strategies to get around this. The 4″ or 8″ piece that was cut off can be re-used on the end of another run of LED tape light by plugging in our simple and inexpensive 4-pin male-to-male connector (#CON-4PM-4PM).

 – V4 NanoSKN Tape Light: may cut the tape light every 4″ with a pair of scissors and easily, reconnect the tape light with a snap of our Zeus connector. (Same Zeus connectors are used on out new Inspire V4 Nude product as well)

– V4 Nude Tape Light: You may cut the tape light every 4 ” with a pair of scissors and easily, reconnect the tape light with a snap of our Zeus connector. (Same Zeus connectors are used on out new Inspire V4 NanoSkn coated product as well)

Use the chart below for each product’s cut lengths:

Inspire LED Tape Light Cut Length
PolyElite V2 Bright 4inches
PolyElite V2 Super Bright 6inches (static colors are every 4inches)
V4 NanoSKN Bright & Super Bright 4inches
V4 Nude Bright & Super Bright 4inches
RGB 4inches
Outdoor 4inches
Outdoor RGB 4inches


– V2 PolyElite Installation Instructions: DOWNLOAD

– V4 NanoSKN Installation Instructions: DOWNLOAD

– V4 Nude Installation Instructions: DOWNLOAD

WHAT IS VOLTAGE DROP? DOES INSPIRE LED TAPE LIGHT HAVE VOLTAGE DROP?  Voltage drop is when the first LED in a run of tape light is brighter than the last LED. This is caused by the voltage being higher in the beginning of the run and lower at the end. Voltage drop is typically found in lower quality tape light and tape light that is 12V DC (all Inspire LED tape light is 24V DC which is less prone to voltage drop). When kept within the products maximum run length, Inspire LED Tape Light does not have voltage drop!

DOES INSPIRE LED TAPE LIGHT WORK AT 12V? No. The absolute lowest power input for Inspire LED Tape Light is 17V. At this voltage, you will only get about 20% of the tape light’s lumen output.

DOES INSPIRE LED TAPE LIGHT INTEGRATE INTO LIGHTING CONTROL PANELS/SYSTEMS? Yes, but with some exceptions. Please contact our Design Department to be sure. Please have the make and model number of the lighting control panel ready. LED Inspirations Design Department Call: 832-717-2710 Email:

HOW DO YOU ENSURE THE COLOR CONSISTENCY OF INSPIRE LED TAPE LIGHT? We use an extremely strict set of quality control standards for every single foot of LED tape light we make. We named this quality control process ECT which stands for Exact Color Technology. A key part of ECT is our advancing binning technology, where every LED is tested for color and lumen output before mounting it on the printed circuit board. This process groups all the LEDs into physical bins based on their color, allowing us to pick the single bin containing the perfect color for our products. Our ECT standard allows us to maintain the tightest color tolerances in the industry ensuring our customers a perfect look every time. Our Inspire V4 Series ± 40k Tolerance and < 1.5 McAdam’s ellipses.

HOW DURABLE IS INSPIRE LED TAPE LIGHT? It is VERY durable. Our testing department is not high-tech or super sophisticated, but so far we have pounded on it with a shoe, tied it in knots, and run over it with a car and it continues to work. It did, however, fail the blender test.

HOW HOT DOES THE INSPIRE LED TAPE LIGHT GET? Inspire LED Tape Light will get warm but never too hot to touch. It is designed to never get hotter than a standard household heating pad (140°F). It typically operates much cooler than 140°F.

IS INSPIRE LED TAPE LIGHT DIMMABLE? Absolutely! Inspire LED Tape Light was designed to dim flawlessly with a wide-range of dimming technologies. You need two things to make Inspire LED Tape Light dimmable: A Magnetic Low Voltage Driver and a Compatible MLV dimmer. You MUST use a dimmer that is designated “Magnetic Low Voltage” or you will run into serious issues. Please refer to our “Dimmer Compatibility List”.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I EXCEED THE MAXIMUM RUN LENGTH? First, the manufacturer’s warranty will be voided. Second, you risk damaging the product. The reason is because 1 foot of Inspire LED Tape Light is more than just a light. When you connect a second piece of Inspire LED tape light to it, the first piece of Inspire LED Tape Light becomes the “wiring” to carry the power to the second piece. As you connect more pieces, the electrical current passing through the first piece continues to increase. If you exceed the Maximum Run Length, you are creating a dangerous situation by passing more electrical current and power through the first piece of Inspire LED Tape Light than it was designed to handle.

WHAT IS MAXIMUM RUN LENGTH? The Maximum Run Length is how many continuous feet of LED tape light you can connect together before you need another lead wire to power the tape light. This differs between each of the Inspire LED tape light products. See the chart below:

Product Maximum Run Length Watts Per Foot
PolyElite V2 BRIGHT 28FT 3.5
PolyElite V2 SUPER BRIGHT 21FT 4.7
V4 NanoSKN  BRIGHT 45FT 2.2
V4 Nude Bright 45FT 2.2
V4 Nude Super Bright 23FT 4.2
V4 Inspire RGB 16FT 4.4
Inspire OUTDOOR 16FT 4.32
Inspire OUTDOOR RGB 16FT 4.32
Inspire BRIGHT (Version 1) 30FT 1.44
Inspire SUPER BRIGHT (Version 1) 16FT 4.32

DOES THE MAXIMUM RUN LENGTH INCLUDE DISTANCE ADDED BY USING EXTENSION CABLES? No. Extension cables can be added to the run without taking away from the maximum number of pieces that can be connected in a single run. For example, if you were using 10 feet of Inspire PolyElite V2 SUPER BRIGHT to under-light a 13′ run of cabinets, then used a 3′ extension cable to jump over a vent hood, then plugged in an additional 10′ to under-light the remaining 10′ of cabinets, this will still be within the 30′ maximum run length (23′ out of 30′ total) for Inspire PolyElite V2 SUPER BRIGHT.


CAN I CONNECT MORE THAN ONE POWER FEED TO A HARDWIRE DRIVER (MAGNETIC OR ELECTRONIC)? Yes. You can connect as many hardwire connectors as you want, as long as the driver wattage is not exceeded. Our hardwire drivers operate best when they are loaded to 80% or more of their total wattage. For connecting more than 3 wires to a hardwire driver we recommend using a terminal block.

CAN I CONNECT MORE THAN ONE POWER FEED TO A PLUG-IN DRIVER?  Yes. For the single color plug-in drivers, you have two options:

-The first option is to connect T-Connectors together.

-The second option is to cut the connector off the plug-in driver which reveals a red and black low-voltage wire you can connect to with a hard-wire connector.

If you are trying to connect multiple power feeds to an RGB plug-in driver then we recommend you give our Design Department a call at 832-717-2710. RGB systems frequently require a little extra wiring knowledge to make them work correctly.

WHAT’S THE MAXIMUM OPERATING TEMPERATURE?  With proper ventilation, the maximum operating temperature is 160 °F.

WHAT IS CLASS II?  Class II is a standard set forth by the NEC (National Electrical Code) for low voltage systems.  This standard limits low voltage systems to supply no more than 100W of power for safety reasons.  (If everything goes wrong, the failing system cannot deliver more than 100W of power.)

ARE DRIVERS LARGER THAN 100W SAFE TO USE WITH INSPIRE LED TAPE LIGHT?  Our larger drivers work great with our Inspire LED products.   There is NO fire hazard, shock hazard, or other dangerous condition using a larger driver with our products.  However, the larger drivers exceed the Class II system requirements and will fail an inspection by an inspector looking for the system to follow Class II code.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A 200W CLASS II DRIVER AND A 200W NON-CLASS II DRIVER?  A 200W non-Class II driver has one 200W 24VDC output.  A 200W Class II driver is made up of two 100W drivers in one metal enclosure and has two 100W 24VDC outputs.  Because of this construction, the 200W Class II driver will be significantly more expensive than the 200W non-Class II driver.


CAN I CUT THE CHANNEL ANY LENGTH I WANT? If your cut length follows the chart below, yes!

Quantum Channel Cut Length
CH-A-0606C Every 2-13/16 inches
CH-A-1005 Every 2-13/16 inches
CH-A-1212C Every 2-13/16 inches
CH-C-16 Every 2-13/16 inches
CH-C-24 Every 3-5/16 inches
CH-C-48 Every 3-15/16 inches
CH-R-1005 Every 2-13/16 inches
CH-R-1913 Every 3-15/16 inches
CH-R-2513 Every 3-15/16 inches
CH-R-3513 Every 3-15/16 inches
CH-S-0304 Every 2-13/16 inches
CH-S-0605 Every 2-13/16 inches
CH-S-0808K Every 2-13/16 inches
CH-S-1414 Every 3-5/16 inches
CH-S-1426 Every 3-5/16 inches
CH-S-1436 Every 3-5/16 inches
CH-S-1913 Every 3-15/16 inches
CH-S-1928 Every 3-15/16 inches
CH-S-2930 Every 3-15/16 inches
CH-T-2509 Every 3-15/16 inches

HOW DO I JOIN TWO CHANNELS TOGETHER? We have a number of accessories you can add to your Quantum Channel order to connect channels together. See our Accessories page here, or contact our Design Department to find the perfect solution.

CAN I JOIN TWO 8.2FT PIECES OF INSPIRE HD TAPE LIGHT TOGETHER? Quantum Channel is designed to work in individual 8.2 foot pieces. You are not able connect the Inspire HD Tape Light together.

ARE THERE ANY (TAPE LIGHT) EXTENSION PIECES WHEN JOINING TWO CHANNELS TOGETHER? The Inspire HD tape light does not extend, but you can extend the aluminum pieces for most of the Quantum Channel using either a Slim Extending Connector or a Large Extending Connector. See the extending connectors under the compatible accessories for each Quantum Channel.

DO THESE ONLY COME IN 8.2FT LENGTHS? Quantum Channel and corresponding Inspire HD Tape Light are sold in 2 foot, 4 foot, 6 foot and 8.2 foot lengths. For an additional fee, we are able to custom cut the channel and tape light down into specific increments based off the cut length for the particular Inspire HD Tape Light.


WHERE DO I MOUNT THE DRIVERS? Remotely. Contact our Design Department ( or 832-717-2710) for assistance determining which low voltage wire to use if you are remotely locating the drivers further than 10 feet away.

CAN THE CHANNELS TURN A CORNER? Most of our channels are able to turn a corner! See our Accessories page for compatibility or contact our Designs Department to find the perfect solution.


HOW MANY END CAPS/MOUNTING CLIPS COME IN A KIT? CAN I ORDER MORE IF NEEDED? 2 Pairs of end caps per (1) 8.2 foot fixture kit. Need more? Contact our design department!

ARE THESE RATED TO GO OUTDOORS? The Quantum Channel series is currently rated for indoor environments only.

CAN THESE BE WALKED ON? The Quantum Channel series cannot currently be walked upon.

CAN I USE YOUR INSPIRE SERIES TAPE LIGHT WITH THESE CHANNELS? We specially designed our Quantum 2 HD tape light to work inside each of our Quantum Channels to provide the best ratio of lens diffusion (no hot spots) to brightest lumen output. Our other lines of Inspire LED tape light are not designed or sold to go inside the Quantum Channel.

CAN I PURCHASE THE CHANNEL WITHOUT A LENS? No. The Quantum Channel Fixture Kits come with the lens.

DO THESE CHANNELS HAVE AN RGB OPTION? Currently, we only have a few Quantum Channels that can use RGB tape light. They are the R-1913, C-16, C-24, S-1414, S-1426, S-1436, AND T-2509. Please contact our Design Department ( or 832-717-2710) for more information.

WHAT DOES “CUSTOM FIXTURE” MEAN?’ Our Fixture Kits include all the pieces (except a driver) to build your own Quantum Channel fixture yourself. For an extra fee and lead time we can custom cut and install the QTUM 2 HD tape light to meet your needs. Please contact our Design Department ( or 832-717-2710) for more information.

ARE THESE ETL/UL LISTED? Several Quantum Channel are ETL listed (please refer to our catalog). We are in the process of getting all Quantum Channel UL listed.

DO YOU HAVE SPECS ON THE CANOPIES? Yes. Please see our Catalog.


CAN YOU HELP LAYOUT A PROJECT? YES! We love helping our customers by getting involved with your projects! Send your project information to our Design Department and they will help with lighting designs, technical questions and quoting information. -For help figuring out what information you need to send about your project refer to the Lighting Design Request Form -Our Standard Design Turn-Around time is 3 business days for everything except large projects. If your project is urgent, please give the Design Department a call and inform them of your project’s urgency.

DO YOU OFFER TECHNICAL SUPPORT? YES! You can call our office and ask to speak to anyone in our Design Department (832-717-2710), or you can email your questions to:

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