The warmer color temperature of the Inspire V5 Spec 7.5 LED Tape Light bringing out the rich color in Gauchos Do Sul’s cedar ceilings.

Case Study

Gauchos Do Sul

With two other locations in the Houston area, the traditional Brazilian Steakhouse Gauchos Do Sul opened their 3rd location in Katy, TX right off the Grand Parkway. LEDI’s Inspire V5 Spec LED tape light was used to highlight the gorgeous architecture throughout the restaurant.

Project Details

If you’re from the Houston area, chances are you’ve heard of the renowned Brazilian steak house Gauchos Do Sul. Beginning in Vintage Park (Houston, TX), Gauchos Do Sul creates a dining experience that is as memorable as it is delicious. Apart from the fantastic food and service, customers gush over the gorgeous atmosphere within the establishment. From their gourmet salad bar and prime cut meat to the elegant environment, Gauchos has you covered!

Ledersan Erdmann, Managing Partner at Gauchos Do Sul, was highly involved in the construction process of the Gaucho Do Sul building. “We went through a company in Houston, Texas called M&M Lighting, and were in contact with Daniel Boyd. That’s when we found LEDI and decided they were the best choice to go with!” Erdmann states. “LEDI’s lighting products greatly exceeded my expectations! This is our first time using any form of LED tape light and I wasn’t too sure what to expect.”

Inspire V5 Spec 7.5 LED Tape Light installed with Inspire Slim Channel spans the top of the wine display.

Through LEDI, Gauchos was able to add a special ambiance to their atmosphere. “I love the way that tape light looks and how it works with the natural cedar in our restaurant,” Erdmann explained. “It almost appears that the wood is on fire! I love how it came out, the design, the color, everything is beautiful.”

Inspire V5 Spec 7.5 LED Tape Light illuminating both the cedar ceiling above and salad bar below.

“Everything was easy to install, easy to use, and looks fantastic! I love the lighting that we have in our restaurant! If there were anything we would have done different, it would have been to include RGBW lighting so we could change the colors during the holiday seasons!” Erdmann stated. “I would 100% use LEDI products again! There’s nobody I’d rather go with!”