Photo: Jacob Hixson

Case Study

James Bar Brightens its Vibe

After more than a decade as a beloved community gathering spot, the James Bar in Missoula, Montana recently received an interior refresh that included a warm wash of light from LEDI.

Project Details

Project Name James Bar
Location Missoula, MT
Architecture Paradigm V2 Architects
Lighting Design Beartooth Lighting Design
Photography Jacob Hixson
Product Inspire V5 Spec 7.5

If you live in – or visit – Missoula, Montana, chances are you’ve tasted the exceptional drinks and bar food at the James Bar. Opened in 2007 by Vicky and Seamus Hammond, James Bar has received rave reviews for the culinary creativity of Executive Chef Noel Mills, a graduate of the Western Culinary Institute in Portland. Now, thanks to a recent renovation, those customer raves include praise for the ambiance that the revamped architectural design and lighting provide.

Andy Moore, PE, LC, MIES, founder of the Bozeman, Montana-based architectural lighting and electrical engineering firm Beartooth Lighting Design, worked alongside the team from Missoula-based Paradigm V2 Architects on the new look.

The hidden Inspire V5 7.5 LED Tape Light highlights the trussed ceiling and makes the space seem larger.

To visually expand the space and create a warm, welcoming aesthetic, Moore discovered LED Inspirations (LEDI) tape light to be the ideal easy-to-install, durable, and maintenance-free solution for highlighting the natural wood planks on the ceiling.

“Through a series of mock-ups with Scariano Construction, we were able to hide the tape light above the bottom chord of the truss to provide invisible uplighting throughout the remodeled area,” Moore explains.

The warm, inviting lighting inside The James Bar encourages visitors to come inside and relax.

The finished result has earned high praise from guests. “From our end, we think the final lighting design accomplished the goals we had at the concept stage and helped the owner reinvigorate their space into a hotspot for downtown Missoula,” Moore comments. “It helps bring a brighter and higher energy environment indoors to help balance out some of Missoula’s moody weather outdoors.”