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Inspire Mud-In 0.5″ Channel

Recess + Mud-In
  • 0.5″ lens
  • For use with 1/2″ or 5/8″ drywall
  • Compatible with (1) strip of Inspire V5 Spec or Inspire LightLine™ COB (IP20) LED Tape Light
  • Uses LEDI’s patent-pending connection box that allows the channel to be freely mounted at an angle in drywall
Part Number Description Ordering
CH1-M05-WHT-CUSTOM Custom length channel. Per foot
CH1-LENS-M05-FR-CUSTOM Custom length frosted lens. Per foot
CH1-LENS-M05-BLK-CUSTOM Custom length black lens. Per foot
CH1-M05-WHT-2M 2-meter channel (6.56ft). Per piece
CH1-LENS-M05-FR-20M 20-meter frosted lens (65.6ft). Per roll
CH1-LENS-M05-BLK-20M 20-meter black lens (65.6ft). Per roll
CH1-COR-M05-9001 90-degree Flat Corner Channel. Per piece
CH1-COR-M05-9003 90-degree Inside Corner Channel. Per piece
CH1-COR-M05-9002 90-degree Outside Corner Channel. Per piece
CH1-M05-WHT-PWR-END End power feed. Per piece
CH1-M05-WHT-PWR-CTR Center power feed. Per piece
CH1-M05-WHT-END End cap. Per piece