Inspire Recessed Channel

Recessed Aluminum Channel, Mount Under Cabinets, Shelves, etc.

Product Specifications

  • Mounting Type


  • Construction


  • Dimensions (W x H)

    • 1-1/4" x 1/2" (with Flange)
    • 7/8" x 7/16" (Recess Cutout)

  • Channel Color

    • Anodized Aluminum

  • Lens Types

    • Frosted
    • Clear

  • Lens Construction

    UV-coated polycarbonate

  • Environment

    Indoor or Outdoor (non-submersible)

  • Warranty

    5-year limited

Part Numbers

Aluminum Channel
6ft Channel Kit with Frosted Lens
6ft Channel Kit with Clear Lens
3ft Channel Kit with Frosted Lens
3ft Channel Kit with Clear Lens
Custom Channel with Frosted Lens
Custom Channel with Clear Lens
  • Channel kits include the channel, lens, end caps, and mounting hardware.
  • Custom channel is cut to a custom length (sold by the foot), and includes the channel and additional parts to supply the custom lengths.
End Caps
Extra End Caps (set of 2)
Mounting Hardware
Extra Recess Springs (set of 2)

Compatible LED Tape Light & Lens Diffusion

Compatible LED Tape Light Diffusion (Frosted Lens)
V5 Spec 1.5 Flawless
V5 Spec 2.8 Flawless
V5 Spec 4.0 Flawless
V5 Spec 5.0 Flawless
V5 Spec 7.5 Flawless
V5 Standard Eco Minimal
V5 Standard Bright Minimal
V5 Standard Super Bright Near-Flawless
LightLine™ COB 1.5 Flawless
LightLine™ COB 2.8 Flawless
LightLine™ COB 5.5 Flawless
LightLine™ COB RGB Flawless
RGB 4.0 Minimal
RGB 6.0 Near-Flawless
RGBW Minimal
Tunable White Near-Flawless
Warm Dim Near-Flawless
V4 NanoSKN™ Bright Minimal
V4 NanoSKN™ Super Bright Minimal
V4 NanoSKN™ RGB Minimal
V4 Nude™ Bright Minimal
V4 Nude™ Super Bright Minimal
V4 Nude™ RGB Minimal