Inspire V4 Outdoor RGB Adapter

Wet Location Rated Icon 5 Year Limited Warranty Icon UL Recognized Icon

The Inspire V4 Outdoor RGB Adapter allows you to connect two male Watertight Connectors together to connect extension cables or RGB Outdoor tape light together. It comes in a 2 inch length. It uses outdoor-rated, UL-Listed, 22 AWG Outdoor wire. The Watertight Connectors ensure waterproof and dirt-proof protection.



Part Number: #V4-OUT-EXT-FF-RGB-BLK
Wire Length: 2 Inches
Wire Size: 22 AWG
Wire Conductors: 4
Wire Ratings: Outdoor-Rated

Wire Color: Black
Connections: Female Watertight Connector to Female Watertight Connector
Certifications: cUL & UL Recognized
Environment: Outdoor, Wet (Not burial wire)
Warranty: 5 Year Limited