Inspire V4 Outdoor RGB Extension

Wet Location Rated Icon 5 Year Limited Warranty Icon UL Recognized Icon

The Inspire V4 Outdoor RGB Extension is a jumper/extension cable that connects two runs of Inspire V4 Outdoor RGB LED tape light together. It currently comes in a 3 foot length. It uses outdoor-rated, UL-Listed, 20 AWG Outdoor wire. The Watertight Connectors ensure waterproof and dirt-proof protection.



Part Number:
Wire Size: 20 AWG
Wire Conductors: 4
Wire Ratings: Outdoor-Rated

Wire Color: Black
Connections: Female Watertight Connector to Male Watertight Connector
Certifications: cUL & UL Recognized
Environment: Outdoor, Wet (Not burial wire)
Warranty: 5 Year Limited