Inspire Warm Dim LED Tape Light


Inspire Warm Dim LED Tape Light


See the Difference

The ALL-NEW Inspire Warm Dim LED Tape Light delivers a superior design that produces a truly incandescent-like color change when dimming.

Compared to other warm dim LED tape light, which produces a sudden color shift when dimming; LEDI’s Inspire Warm Dim delivers a smooth and pleasant color shift as dimming occurs—just like an incandescent light bulb.
*When compared to similar products. Equal data and visual tests conducted.

Quick Specs

Color Temperature Range:

   Dimming from 3000K to 1800K
Input Power:  24VDC
Max Run Length:  20FT
Lumen Output:  Up to 250 Lumens/Foot
Power Consumption:  
5 Watts/Foot

  • MLV
  • ELV
  • Incandescent


  • IP20 Indoor, Dry (tape light only)
  • IP54 Indoor, Dry (with Inspire Channel)


Compatible Inspire Channel

Compatible LED Drivers