Inspire V4 Nude™ RGB LED Tape Light


Inspire V4 Nude™ RGB LED Tape Light



Inspire V4 Nude™ RGB LED Tape Light brings mindful innovation and premium quality in a package for everyone. The patented Zeus™ Connector allows for ultra-secure connections, while the carefully chosen LEDs mean you’ll have a beautiful space for years to come. Combine the Inspire V4 Nude™ with the all-new Inspire Channels for increased diffusion, with an overall finished look.

Quick Specs

Color Temperatures:

Input Power: 24V DC
Max Run Length: 22FT
Lumens/FT: up to 180LM/FT*
Power Consumption: 4.4W/FT
Dimming: via RGB Controller

  • IP20 Indoor, Dry (tape light only)
  • IP54 Indoor, Damp (with Inspire Channel)

*Set to white (all LED colors on at 100%). This is considered an approximate value and only reflects the standard red, green, and blue as defined by an RGB controller. Other shades of these colors have not been measured.


Compatible Inspire Channel

Compatible Connectors

Compatible Controllers