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Inspire Mud-In 2″ Channel

Recess + mud-in channel with a 2″ lens aperture that creates seamless lines of light. Incorporates a specially designed power feed and flexible lens to make installation a breeze.

Inspire LightLine™ COB Outdoor

IP67 rated chip-on-board LED tape light that delivers a continuous line of light. Compatible with Inspire Slim, Square, Angled, and Recessed channels.

Inspire Up or Down Channel

Surface mount channel that mounts on its side to cast light up or down. Available in custom powder coat colors to either match the color of a wall or create contrast.

Flexible Linear Optics

Flexible strip of specially designed optics designed to graze and wash wall with light. Available in 10°, 30°, 35°, and 60° beam angles.

LED Sheets

12″ x 24″ sheets of LEDs specially designed to flawlessly backlight stone, signage, and other materials. Just 1″ of space is required between the LED Sheet and the surface you’re backlighting.